My single — I Like The Way (feat. Elan Noelle) on TuneCat Magazine

My single — I Like The Way (feat. Elan Noelle) on TuneCat Magazine

«Sweet, fun and romantic with some thrilling energy. Nurtuan’s new single ‘I like the way feat. Elan Noelle’ is all that and much more. It’s the type of song that will keep your finger on the replay button and still leave you wanting more. The song starts out with the beautiful solo vocals of Elan Noelle, but then then power-pop vocals of Nurtuan kick in and you instantly know this is something big. A massive tune.
The lyric is stereotypical for its bubblegum pop genre, but even so manages to make you ignore that fact completely. The song just works and is clearly made by someone with talent. The rhythm is another showcase of that pop-crafting talent, with it’s upbeat tempo, crystal clear beats and well-balanced vocals

Many of you may remeber Nurtuan after his widely popular song ‘Give me a chance’ with. The song would definitely move the audience’s heart and will add another feather to Nurtuan’s success.

Be sure to follow Nurtuan on his social networks, as he should definitely be on your list of artists to watch in 2016!»