Nurbek Shingiskaziuli Komekov (Kazakh: Нұрбек Шыңғысқазыұлы Көмеков) is a Kazakhstani singer. He is better known by his stage name “Nurtuan”. Nurbek is also known as a producer, poet, and music director. He founded his own record label “Nurtuan Records” in 2012, a sound recording firm now operating in California. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Nurbek was born in February 15, 1988 in Alma-Ata, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. His father Shingis Dauletbekuli Komekov used to work in the military force while his mother Aitkul Otizbaykizi Birzhanova is a former processing engineer at railroad station Almaty 2.


From his early childhood, Nurbek was deeply attracted to music. He was very determined to build his career in the music industry. Subsequently, he received his music schooling from College of music “Kokil”. On the other hand, he received qualifications on Marketing and Management from the institutes of China and England. In 2010, he decided to build his career in New York.


Nurbek started his career on the big stage in 2012 with his brand new stage name ‘Nurtuan’. The name Nurtuan came up from a amalgamation of two words: — ‘Nur’ signifies light, or shine, while ‘Tugan’ (It is pronounced as ‘tuan’ in English) signifies birth. Altogether, Nurtuan means “Born by Light”.

Nurbek founded his recording firm ‘Nurtuan Records’ in August 2012. The next year was a milestone for Nurbek in his career with his highly acclaimed music video ‘GIVE ME A CHANCE’ in May, 2013.

The year 2014 was a major breakthrough for Nurtuan as this was the year when he decided to move to Los Angeles to gear up his career. 

Growing up in the music pedigree, Nurtuan was particularly familiar with the influence and importance of promotion and marketing in this industry. He understands that without good promotion, your good music will fade away in the twinkling of an eye. So, he initiated ‘Nurkom Promotions’, a promotion and marketing company in California. Moreover, he has always been dreamed about running a marketing company from his study days in England and China.

In the interim, Nurtuan’s new music video ‘I LIKE THE WAY’ received positive feedback from the audience and critics alike.

With his detailed experience, Nurtuan understands that we are in the era of video marketing. He found that “VIDEO SELLS EVERYTHING» in today’s ultra-fast paced world of e-commerce! And all of these findings gave birth to the ‘NurKom Pictures’, a VFX & Animation Creative Studio. Here they make explainer videos, website presentations, intro promo videos, VFX and so on.

In 2016, Nurtuan was really excited about his first ever comic release,. It titles ‘The Golden Man — Legacy of the Steppes’. It features the imaginative adventure of the historical guardian of Kazakh, The Golden Man. 

In 2017, He started a movie production company, ‘NurKom Production’. They started the operation soon after, and has already shot a few commercial movies, music videos, and prank videos. 

Later in 2017, Nurtuan decided to rebrand his record label as “Nurtuan Records” to “De Qazo Records”. He chose the term Qazo since it’s more sonorous to Kazakh, his homeland.